Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On Friday the 19th of February, Dominanz’s band members drove to a place called Dale, deep in a valley of Fjord, Norway . Mission: To record Dominanz' first music video with the track "The end of all there is". This little town of Dale is built around a huge factory( 50.000 m2 ) that was established in 1879. It is no longer operational in full scale, which left our production team with lots of spaces to choose from. The more we got into rigging sets and scenes; the more we realized how lucky we were. This location was just perfect for our video.

We chose the most industrial looking hall for the band performance and the scariest room for the nasty storyline with screaming, scared little girls. More or less all of the props we used in this we found in the factory itself. We felt like treasure hunters, walking around in endless halls and rooms. We found some scary old medical equipment that fit perfect in our torture chamber scenes. The authenticity and diversity of this equipment made most of us wonder what really had happened in that place.

Curious? You will have to wait for the result for 3 more weeks. Then we will publish the video online as soon as the guys in the production company, Anders Jørgensen at Feber Film, are ready with the editing and post production.

When we began the planning and preliminary work for the video, we decided to do it as professionally as possible. Fortunately we have friends and acquaintances who work in the film industry in Bergen , something that made it possible for us to undertake this project. We decided also to use professional actors with experience from the famous Norwegian films such as; Varg Veum, Skjult (Hidden) and Vegas.
Currently, we are finished with the final cut, now it’s just the grading, colour correction and some effects left before all is done. Hopefully Mats Andersen at Alligator Film will get it done this or next week. We have chosen him because of his talent and long experience, and because we simply love the work he did on Skjult(Hidden).

Our photo album from the video shoot and others can be found at here

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